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Psilocybe cubensis strain known as “Transkei” was originally found in 2002 off the South African Transkei coast. It is also known as Transkei Cubensis or South African Transkei (SAT). Meanwhile, this is the first known batch of magic mushrooms to come from Africa.

The majority of Transkei magic mushrooms are medium in size and have sturdy stems. Their caps start out being orange and brown as they grow and often become paler as they age. It is well known that Transkei magic mushrooms are more visually engaging than others. Additionally, this strain is certainly not suggested for beginners. More light tracers, light stimulation, and expansive geometric pattern visualizations will be experienced with strains with stronger visual stimulation.

Transkei’s are generally small to medium in size, delicate with button caps orange/brown in color and twisting gnarly stems.


  • You will experience an uplifted mood with pleasure and excitement after 10 to 30 minutes of using the Transkei magic mushroom.
  • You may notice minor to significant visual enhancements, depending on the dosage.
  • You might notice that everything seems to be breathing, that nature seems to be more alive, and that you are thinking within.
  • You will have a greater appreciation for music and art, and you might be able to relate to it on a more intimate level. Music and art will look and feel different.

Transkei mushroom Dose

As always, we advise you to take the recommended dosage carefully. One to 1.5 grams should be sufficient to familiarise you with the Transkei magic mushroom. Moreover, it will provide you with some of the above-described visuals, and get you ready for a more intense trip. You’ll almost surely see the best light display of your life after taking 3.5–4.5g of this substance.

  • * Micro: 0.25 gram
  • * Low: 0.25 – 1 gram
  • * Medium: 1 – 2 gram
  • * Strong: 2.5 – 5 gram
  • * Heavy: 5 grams and upwards (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)

The typical museum dose for Transkei mushrooms is (0.25-1.5g) and the moderate dose is (2-3.5g). You should experience a 4 to 6-hour high with a medium to strong dose.

Meanwhile, please be responsible with Transkei magic mushrooms, treat them with respect and they will show you a magical time.


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