Microdosing Psilocybin

Microdosing vs. macrodosing: An introduction to psilocybin

You’ll experience a variety of intriguing effects whether you consume dried magic mushrooms, mushroom tea, edibles, or capsules. The chemicals in magic mushrooms interact with your body to affect your physical and mental state, causing several effects. Although mushrooms can include a variety of substances, psilocybin is the most prevalent. While microdosing mushrooms are far safer than macrodosing, it is crucial to remember that psilocybin is still a very powerful chemical.

Your body transforms psilocybin into psilocin, which is the active form when you take it. It has a reputation for bringing about happiness, arousing your senses, expanding your thinking, and even bringing about some slight bodily changes. Higher doses may potentially cause hallucinations, alter your perception of time, and give rise to spiritually transformative or life-altering experiences.

Given the potency of psilocybin’s effects, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between macro- and microdosing shrooms. Macrodosing is the practice of taking a large dose to produce powerful, enduring effects, such as hallucinations and real or imagined spiritual encounters. Although microdosing shrooms won’t have the same results, they can still improve your mood, senses, and creativity without being overpowering.

Some users favor either microdosing shrooms or macrodosing. Even more, people experiment with both of these methods at various times. In either case, you might be interested in learning about the advantages of macro- and microdosing mushrooms as well as the recommended dosage. The pros and cons of macro- and microdosing psilocybin are explained here.

The Benefits of Microdosing Psilocybin

Microdosing psilocybin has grown in popularity since it offers many of the same benefits as macrodosing but with fewer drawbacks. Although the effects of microdosing shrooms are much milder, it is a wonderful strategy to avoid terrible trips while still reaping certain benefits, like improved mood and creativity.

According to a 2021 study, microdosing shrooms resulted in larger observed changes in mood and mental health after one month as compared to macrodosing. Another study discovered that microdosing psilocybin improved users’ inventiveness. Microdosing shrooms can also help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.

The primary advantage of microdosing mushrooms over macrodosing is that users can reap these benefits without tripping. Although a strong psychedelic trip can be an amazing experience, it should be done in moderation. In contrast, you can consistently micro-dose psilocybin without fear of having a horrible trip or losing contact with reality for hours.

When you take a microdose of psilocybin, you can increase your mood, senses, and creativity while being awake and focused. As a result, some people microdose psilocybin to improve their work performance. It can also improve your creative powers; some people microdose psilocybin before writing, making music, or engaging in other creative activities.

The Downsides of Microdosing Mushrooms

Microdosing psilocybin is significantly safer than macrodosing. Because the effects are more subtle, you are less likely to have a terrible trip. Furthermore, you will not feel disconnected from reality and will be able to continue with your daily activities while reaping the benefits of psilocybin. However, there are several drawbacks to microdosing shrooms.

Although microdosing mushrooms are good for those who only want a mood and creative boost, other users may want a stronger trip. If you’re interested in magic mushrooms because of their purported ability to create spiritual and life-changing experiences, microdosing mushrooms won’t help you much. In these circumstances, macrodosing is preferable.

Microdosing mushrooms too frequently can potentially be harmful. If you take a microdose of psilocybin every morning, you will quickly build a tolerance to it. As a result, you may need to take bigger doses to maintain the same effects you’ve been getting. The majority of users avoid this by microdosing shrooms every several days.

While microdosing shrooms are far safer than macrodosing, it is crucial to remember that psilocybin is still a very powerful chemical. Because everyone reacts differently to psilocybin, you may still experience unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety or paranoia even if you just take a modest quantity. Furthermore, if you consume dry magic mushrooms, you may unintentionally consume a higher dose than necessary, resulting in a terrible trip.

Microdosing Psilocybin
Microdosing with Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms. Daily Microdoses in a Pill Box

The Optimal Microdose Of Psilocybin

Taking small doses of psilocybin allows one to avoid unpleasant side effects while still getting the desired effects. One gram of magic mushrooms is frequently sufficient to produce a strong and prolonged high. In order to microdose psilocybin, it is best to consume less than 1 gram of magic mushrooms.

A common dosage range for psilocybin is between 0.5 and 0.7g. Typically, this is plenty to cause significant alterations in your mood and perceptions but not enough to cause an intense psychedelic trip. Even lower doses of 0.2 to 0.5g might be preferred by some people. Going below this is not advised because the results typically won’t be powerful enough.

Each person has a different optimum psilocybin microdose. Therefore, it is essential to modify your dosage based on your demands. You may wish to start with a 0.5g dose and adjust it by increasing or decreasing it by 0.2g as necessary. If you’re using dried magic mushrooms, you’ll need to weigh and chop them into extremely small pieces before using them to make mushroom tea or eat them.

Microdosing shrooms is simpler when done with magic mushroom capsules and edibles. Each serving of these items typically contains a tiny dosage of magic mushroom extract. Instead of using 0.5g or 0.7g of dried magic mushrooms, for instance, you might just take a 500mg or 700mg mushroom capsule.

The Benefits of Macrodosing Psilocybin

Depending on how much psilocybin you take, the kind of experience you’ll have varies significantly. To prevent overpowering effects, many people use low dosages. However, some prefer to consume enough psilocybin to produce a traditional psychedelic experience, complete with hallucinations and purported spiritual encounters. The latter strategy is referred to as macrodosing.

For recreational psychonauts who want to experience psilocybin’s power, macrodosing is advantageous. Psilocybin users frequently describe a wave of euphoria and open-mindedness after ingesting a macrodose of the drug. Many users begin to feel a connection to the environment, including the natural world.

It may also result in events that alter your outlook on life or even deepen your spirituality. In a study on the use of psilocybin for smoking cessation, participants claimed that their experience with the drug was one of the most important and spiritually significant of their lives, in addition to helping them overcome their nicotine addictions.

A thorough investigation of the effects of psilocybin revealed that even a single high dose can result in significant personality changes. Psilocybin users were more creative and open-minded after receiving a macrodose. The effects of psilocybin persisted for up to a year following use. Furthermore, studies indicate that psilocybin macrodosing can aid in the treatment of sadness and anxiety.

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experience with magic mushrooms. Strains of psilocybin mushrooms in the United Kingdom

The Downsides of Macrodosing Psilocybin

Although macrodosing psilocybin can often result in pleasurable and useful experiences, it is not without drawbacks. Using any hallucinogenic chemical can be hazardous, especially for people who are unprepared for the consequences. This is more prevalent at higher dosages, which is why many individuals prefer to take psilocybin in microdoses.

One of the most serious drawbacks of macrodosing psilocybin is that it can result in a terrible trip. While many users report feelings of happiness, euphoria, and openness, others report feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and terror. They may also have troubling ideas and dangerous hallucinations that worsen their journey.

Furthermore, while 3.5 grams of magic mushrooms are suggested for a traditional psilocybin trip, ingesting more can be overwhelming. Taking too much psilocybin can temporarily cause you to lose touch with reality. Furthermore, you may most likely suffer unpleasant bodily consequences like nausea, perspiration, and an elevated heart rate.

Many of these drawbacks can be avoided by not taking too much. Many users begin with 1 or 2 grams and gradually go to 3.5 grams. Although any macrodose can cause a poor trip, you can avoid it by being in a safe, comfortable setting and being in a pleasant frame of mind. It also helps to consume mushrooms with a buddy or sitter,” who can keep an eye on you and keep you in a pleasant mood.

Recommended Macrodosage For Psilocybin

It’s crucial to use caution while administering psilocybin in a macrodose. You won’t have the experience you want if you take too little. But taking too much might lead to an unpleasant trip with a number of undesirable mental and bodily repercussions. As a result, you must carefully calculate your dosage.

For a traditional psychedelic experience, 3.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms are typically advised. You’ll probably experience fascinating hallucinations, euphoria, enhanced senses, and other pleasurable effects at this dosage. Additionally, it may result in spiritual encounters and fruitful long-term adjustments to your attitude and conduct.

If you’ve never used psilocybin before, 3.5 grams might be too much for you. Consequently, many start with 1 or 2 grams. Many of the same effects, such as euphoria, enhanced senses, and improvements in your mood and creativity, will still be present at this dosage. It won’t be as intense as a traditional psychedelic experience, though. Additionally, certain strains of magic mushrooms are stronger than others, making it a good idea to start with a smaller dose to get used to the effects.

Calculating your dosage is a little different if you’re using magic mushroom pills or edibles. Each pill or consumable typically has a predetermined milligram dosage of magic mushroom extract. Therefore, you would need to consume 2000mg of magic mushroom capsules or edibles if you wanted the equivalent of a 2g dose.

macrodosing psilocybin
experience with magic mushrooms. Strains of psilocybin mushrooms in the United Kingdom

Which Is Better: Macrodosing or Microdosing Mushrooms?

The ideal method for macrodosing vs. microdosing shrooms depends on the person. The ideal option is macrodosing if you want to experience a profound psychoactive high complete with hallucinations and spiritual emotions. Having said that, it’s critical to be ready because the impacts are particularly potent and pervasive.

Microdosing mushrooms is the best option for you if you prefer increases in your mood, senses, and creativity without overpowering side effects. Psilocybin can be consistently microdosed, and you can even use it to improve your mental and creative abilities. You shouldn’t anticipate any vacations that will fundamentally alter your life, though.

Both methods are frequently used by users at various times. For example, you might prefer to consistently take microdoses of psilocybin for mood enhancement and occasionally take macrodoses for an intensive trip when you have the time.

Remember that it often takes at least 20 to 40 minutes for the effects of psilocybin, whether you’re taking a micro- or macro-dose, to manifest. To avoid taking too much and having a horrible trip, wait until the effects have started to wear off before increasing your dosage.

Psilocybin: How to Use It

There are several effective ways to receive the effects of psilocybin, whether you want to macrodose or microdose mushrooms. The easiest technique is to consume dried magic mushrooms, but items such as magic mushroom capsules and edibles are perhaps more convenient. Here’s an explanation of how to utilize psilocybin.

Eating Dried Magic Mushrooms: Eating dried magic mushrooms is a simple and effective technique to obtain psilocybin effects. To begin, slice your mushrooms into small pieces and measure them to obtain the correct dosage. You can eat them on their own or combine them with other foods. Although it is simple, the flavor might be disagreeable.

Consuming Magic Mushroom Tea: Consuming mushroom tea helps hide the bitter taste of dry mushrooms. To hasten the beginning of the effects, add lemon juice to your mushroom tea. You certainly can. If you want to attempt it, you can do so by reading our tutorial on how to brew magic mushroom tea.

Taking Magic Mushroom Capsules: Magic mushroom capsules are a simple and convenient way to monitor your dosage and experience the effects of psilocybin. Each capsule contains a milligram dose of psilocybin. Simply take as many capsules as you need to achieve your chosen dosage and wash them down with water.

Using Magic Mushroom Edibles: Another really handy method is to consume magic mushroom edibles. Each portion, like a capsule, contains a predetermined amount of psilocybin. The only difference is that these portions are in the form of delicious candies, chocolates, or other food products. You can receive the effects of psilocybin by just eating as many as you need for the dosage you require.

Psilocybin capsule
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Both macrodosing mushrooms and microdosing shrooms have advantages. Many users experiment with both methods in order to fully enjoy all of psilocybin’s amazing effects and advantages. Fortunately, Trippy Psychedelics offers a wide selection of magic mushroom strains as well as several microdosing and macrodosing products.