LSD Sheets

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Generic Name: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

Dose: 220 ug/tab




An LSD blotter is a little tab of absorbent paper that has been saturated with liquid LSD.

One of the most popular ways to administer LSD is with blotter paper for a number of reasons:

  • It greatly improves the precision and safety of LSD dosage.
  • Blotting paper is simpler to distribute and store.
  • Blotter paper lasts a very long time.
  • Blotter paper also makes it easier to store LSD, even over extended periods of time.

Blotter art, sometimes known as LSD blotter art, is typically created using huge printed LSD sheets with distinctive graphics. This serves as the manufacturer and that specific batch of acid’s branding.

There are 900 perforated 1/4-inch squares on each 7.5 x 7.5-inch LSD sheet (called tabs). Each of these small squares includes a portion of the greater work of art coupled with 80–200 mcg of LSD (depending on the purity of the LSD used to make the blotters and the absorbency of the blotter paper).

How To Take Tab?

Since they are so simple to use, LSD blotters (LSD tabs) are the most common LSD dosage method. Similar in concept, a more recent technique dubbed LSD gel tablets has grown in acceptance in recent years.

The majority of users place a single LSD tab or a portion of a tab beneath their tongues, where they hold it for around 10 minutes.

Anecdotal data indicates no difference in benefits after just 10 or 15 minutes, however, some people swear by holding the pill sublingually for 45 minutes.

Swallow the LSD blotter once the first 10 minutes have passed, or remove it from your mouth and throw it away.

Similarly, there are no known variations in outcomes between removing and eating the blotter paper.

A sharp knife can also be used to cut each LSD tab into more manageable pieces. Half or a quarter of a tab are typical denominations.

LSD Tabs should be divided into 9 equal squares for LSD microdosing. Around 10% of a standard dose makes up the standard microdose. To be more precise, you can choose to cut the tabs into 10 squares, but 9 is close enough and is much simpler to divide equally.

Blotters Dosage 

Conclusion: One full tab of acid is equivalent to one dose of LSD. Each tab’s potency can change from one batch to the next.

LSD is a very strong drug. One of the few psychedelics that is effective at doses below milligrammes. LSD is quantified in micrograms rather than milligrammes or grammes due to this. Only around 50 micrograms are required for psychoactive effects to occur at the threshold level.

A typical LSD Sheet dose is between 80 and 100 micrograms. This dosage will provide a moderately intense psychedelic high without running the danger of being overpowering.

The intended dose for each tab of LSD blotter paper is about 100 micrograms, however, the actual dose can range from about 80 to 140 mcg. Without sophisticated analysis tools, it is impossible to determine the precise potency of the LSD tab. Because of this, it can be useful to learn the LSD’s potency directly from the manufacturer based on the experiences of those who have already tried a sample from the current batch.

The potency of each tab that is produced from a specific LSD blotter art paper should be rather consistent.

Let’s break down the doses of LSD blotters: 
  1. Microdose — Anything under 20 mcg (most aim for 10% of the standard psychoactive dose). This works out to about 10% of a blotter square.
  2. Threshold dose — The official threshold is listed at 50 mcg, but this can vary depending on the user’s size and sensitivity to LSD Sheets. This can range from 20 to 60 mcg.
  3. Standard psychoactive dose — The usual dose of LSD is between 80 and 100 mcg (one full tab of LSD).
  4. Heroic dose — This dose is not recommended. Anything over 200 mcg is considered a heroic dose. The effects of LSD Sheets at this dose are comparable to DMT.


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