Aztec God Mushrooms

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A P. Cubensis mushroom variety from present-day Central Mexico is known as Aztec God Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis, Aztec God). Before the Spanish conquest of the Aztec people in the early 1500s, the Aztec people prospered in the centre of Mexico.

According to Francisco Hernandez Toledo, a physician to the King of Spain who published a manual for missionaries in the New World, Native Americans consumed mushrooms and went through a form of “madness” that brought “wars and the likeness of devils before the eyes.” We all agree that these magic mushrooms don’t lead to crazy, but rather spiritual awakening and relationships with the Gods.

Little, short mushrooms with extremely rounded golden crowns are the distinguishing features of Aztec God magic mushroom. The crowns are not very huge, and the stems are pretty ordinary in size.

Expect average to above average potency from this strain, which makes it ideal for new users and social situations. Please be aware that all magic mushrooms are sacred plant medicines with wisdom spanning thousands of years that transcends our limited comprehension of reality. If you treat mushrooms with respect, your experience will reflect that in a positive way.

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    Fast delivery and very well packaged. Thank you trippy

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