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One of the most well-known and cherished varieties of psilocybin mushrooms is the Golden Teacher magic mushroom. This popular psilocybe cubensis strain, often called Golden Teachers or Golden Caps, is recognized for its golden-brown caps and capacity to produce profoundly introspective trips.

Golden Teacher mushrooms are often used by people to broaden their thinking and change their outlook on life. The “Golden Teachers” moniker refers to these shamanic or spiritual influences. Golden Teachers are excellent for both novice and experienced psychonauts since they have potent teaching powers but just moderate doses of psilocybin.

Although it is unknown where the Golden Teacher mushrooms first appeared, they are thought to have been found growing in a mound of hay and manure on a horse ranch in Georgia. The wonderful golden hue of the caps and purported teaching capacities is where the name of the profession originates. First-timers should use it because they produce an ecstatic, pleasant experience.

Golden Teacher Effects

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms aren’t quite as strong as varieties like Blue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms or Penis Envy Mushrooms. They frequently come highly recommended for novice users looking for a psilocybe cubensis strain that isn’t too overpowering because they contain moderate quantities of psilocybin and psilocin.

Golden Teacher mushrooms can still deliver a thrilling trip in spite of this. Generally provides euphoric, mind-opening effects, according to several users. They can broaden your horizons and inspire more original thought. Also, they’ll help you feel more in tune with the environment and your surroundings.

Your mood, senses, and creativity can improve with lower doses of Golden Teacher mushrooms. Life-altering experiences and interesting hallucinations are possible at moderate to high doses.


It’s crucial to carefully control your dosage when using Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, as with any other strain. Despite their lack of extreme potency, taking too much can still lead to an unpleasant trip.

Start with a low dose of between 0.5g and 1.5g for new users. You’ll notice a noticeable uptick in your mood and senses at this level. You’ll notice that things seem, feel, and sound more vibrant in addition to feeling happier. More creativity will also come to you. For lesser effects, some individuals might even choose to try a microdose of 0.25–0.5g.

You can fully unlock Golden Teachers’ potential at doses of 1 to 2 grams. You’ll feel waves of bliss, more introspective thinking, and minor hallucinations. You can get an intense psychedelic trip with up to 3.5g. Several individuals claim that after experiencing a Golden Teacher trip, they feel enlightened and spiritual.


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